I'm Elizabeth Bookout. I'm married to a pretty cool guy named Blaise and we have two beautiful children, Rebekah and Aaron. We've taken some pretty big leaps of faith over the last several years with our family and it seems God has a pretty big story He wants to tell through our lives than we could have ever imagined or expected. In the last six years, He's called us to not only build a house from the ground up, but He's also called us to build up the local church from the ground up... and He's grown our faith tremendously as we've tended to both.

I believe that God has used our experiences to cultivate an authentic faith not only in our hearts, but in that of our children as well. We've lived through some of our darkest days and most miraculous moments together. We have laughed together, cried together, learned together, prayed together, and hoped together. We have learned to love, to give, and to live life to its fullest... appreciating everyday miracles and discovering what matters most in life... cultivating a legacy of faith, starting at home... in everyday moments.

In early 2012, I assumed the role of the Director of Children's Ministries at our church, City Bible Church North Sound... and life's never been the same since.

I love what I do.

In addition to cultivating an authentic faith in the lives of our own two kids, I now have the privilege of imparting and inspiring faith in the lives of other kids and families within our church. I get to partner with some pretty cool people {including fellow parents!} as we unite and rally behind a common goal:

cultivating a faith that sticks in the hearts and lives of our kids that impacts the world with the love of Jesus.

This blog is simply a space where I strive to share straight-from-the-trenches stories and insights in my own personal journey of faith as it relates to family and ministry. I am still learning what it means to walk this thing out day by day while also hoping that somehow God can use me to make a difference in the world... starting in my own home. And I hope and pray my words will somehow encourage and inspire you in your own faith journey to make a difference in the world around you... starting in your own home too.