Wednesday, April 7, 2010

10 Minutes

10 minutes... Whew... Is that really all the time I have to attempt blogging in my seemingly jam-packed schedule? As I am writing this, multiple things are demanding my attention... thoughts of what I should be doing, thoughts of what I could be doing... even the little dog that has crawled up into my lap and positioned herself between me and the computer screen, looking at me intently with her ‘sad li'l puppy dog eyes,’ demanding my attention as well. Yet, I press on... The question that remains is: What could I possibly write in a matter of 10 minutes that would be worth reading?

10 minutes... 1/6th of an hour... 1/144th of my day today... Is that all the time I can spend working towards my dream of making a difference in the lives of others through, what I hope to be, powerful and inspirational words? Yet, I take a step forward... even if it is only a small one with these next 10 minutes. Perhaps my perspective would be altered if I asked myself a better question: What could God possibly have to say to me in these next 10 minutes? Can I really even trust Him to speak to me in these 10 minutes of my day... something worth hearing and worth sharing?

10 minutes... 1/10,080th of this week... 1/40,640th of this month... What could I possibly do with these next 10 minutes that would be worth anything? Or even...What should I do with these next 10 minutes that would be worth anything? 10 minutes doesn’t seem like much... Can an impact really be made in a matter of 10 minutes?

10 minutes... 1/108,000th out of 2010... 1/13,140,000th out of the life I’ve lived up to this point... 10 minutes doesn’t really seem like much in the scope of things... especially not in light of eternity.

I beg to ask the question, though: What if 10 minutes wasn’t as it seemed?

What if...

    ...Someone I dearly loved was laying on an operating table, desperately awaiting the arrival of a heart- transplant?
10 minutes... each second like an eternity... doctors and surgeons rushing about the operating room could not work fast enough to hush my heart...

What if...

    ...I were watching helplessly while rescue workers attempted to find and save my drowning child?
10 minutes... each second slipping away faster and faster... just as my child's chances of survival and the hopes of holding my baby in my arms again...

10 minutes...

What if... these next 10 minutes I had opportunities that I would never have again?

Opportunities to do the things I could have done... to do the things I should have done... to hear something worth hearing, or to share something worth sharing.

Then, perhaps, at the end of the hour... at the end of the day... at the end of this week... this month... this year... this life... perhaps, even as I pass into eternity... I will see the impact that was made in a matter of 10 minutes.

Perhaps, then, I won’t look back with regret and say things like...

“Oh, I wish I had just 10 more minutes to spend with them! Then I could have told them I loved them... told them I forgive them... told them I cared about them... told them how much they mattered to me!”

“Couldn’t I have spared 10 minutes to be more kind to them? To put their needs above my agenda for the day? To lift them up even though I was feeling down? To care more about what they were trying to say but couldn't? To give them my full, undivided attention?"

10 minutes...

What will YOU do with them? Who is waiting for you to do something with them? What you do in these next 10 minutes could very well be a matter of life or death, a blessing or a curse, not just for you, but for someone.

Give God at least 10 minutes each day and see what He does with them. It just might change your life.