Friday, November 9, 2012

Coming Soon... A New Direction for Homegrown Faith

Over the past several months, I've been desiring to take Homegrown Faith in a different direction just as I feel like my life has taken on a more clearly defined direction. Earlier this year, I transitioned from my original staff position at my church as the Connections Director to the position of Director of Children's Ministries... and life's never been the same since.

I love what I do. 

In addition to cultivating an authentic faith in the lives of our own two kids, I now have the privilege of imparting and inspiring faith in the lives of other kids and families within our church. I get to partner with some pretty cool people {and fellow parents!}as we unite and rally behind a common goal:  

cultivating a faith that sticks in the hearts and lives of our kids that impacts the world with the love of Jesus.

So... coming {very} soon, I hope to deliver some fresh, new content... straight from the trenches of my own personal journey of faith. I am still learning what it means to walk this thing out day by day while also hoping that somehow God can use me to make a difference in the world... starting in my own home. And I hope and pray my words will somehow encourage and inspire you in your own faith journey to make a difference in the world around you... starting in your own home too.

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