Monday, February 6, 2012

Facing the Real Me

There are people in this house. There are even people in this room. These people happen to be my family. My husband. My two children.

There are other people in this house. There are even other people in this room. These people are my friends. All 570 of them... well, make that 798 if you count the 228 that just follow me around. Well, then there's the 451 that I follow around. Amazing how we all fit in this same room together, isn't it? Well, the fact is that we don't quite fit... actually. My family will be the first to tell you that there's not room for all of us.

I sure do like these other people though.

I like it when I get a notification that they decided to write on my wall... and I always make an effort to be as quick to comment as possible- to respond with kindness and courtesy. And, of course, I also always try to respond quickly when they send me a message.

My daughter once decided to write on my wall too... with crayons... and yet another time with pen. I didn't like that so much. In fact, I was so angry that I'm pretty sure my comments to her didn't contain even an ounce of courtesy... or kindness.

My son's been trying to send me a direct message for a few days now. He's been sending out all kinds of signals to try to get my attention. Recently, he's just decided to handle things himself by shutting my laptop... on my fingers. And, let me tell you, I reacted responded quickly. Probably too quickly. Probably not in a way that he liked... or I liked, for that matter.

I like it when these other people follow me. They even keep retweeting repeating and sharing some of the things I say. They must like me, I think. It sure feels good to be liked... wouldn't you agree?

My son used to follow me around all the time. He always wanted to be doing whatever Mommy was doing. And he still does... even though there are times I wish he wouldn't have followed in my steps... there are just some trends I wish I hadn't set.

My daughter used to love to quote and repeat my words...  and still does. Even the not-so-nice ones that slip out sometimes. I sure don't like it when she does that very much.

You know, there's also me in this house too. And, even though sometimes I may fool myself into thinking there are two sides me -one side for my family to see and one side for the other people to see- there's really only just one me. That's right... one. It's time to face the facts and get a clear picture of what my profile really looks like and what my status really is... with my family.

There may be other people who are similar to me, but the fact is that there is no other me in this house. And no other people in this house will see more of my personal profile or have a clearer picture of who I really am than my family. My family sees more of my profile in everyday moments than other people think they see in scattered status updates. I hope and pray that the real me is worth liking and following... and that I'm not just seen as a face in this house, but as a friend, wife, and mother.


  1. What a great post! Thank you for sharing. I too have found myself doing similar things. I decided to take a break from facebook for a while, because sometimes all this blogging and social media-ing and trying to be liked interrupts life and real life needs to begin again in the real places.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I've taken sabbaticals from facebook/twitter from time to time to help me re-evaluate how I'm spending my time. You nailed it on the head- "trying to be liked interrupts life and real life needs to begin again in the real places."


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